For the time being we have discontinued making the DVD's as production of the discs had become so expensive.

​We trust that you will be happy with the video streaming. Please let us know what you think.

 ​Now you can take the popular Block Crayon workshop in your own home, on your own time with the official, recommended companion to the

manual of  a series of 10 stream-able videos.

In them you will receive clear instructions on the use of primary color block crayons. 

Learn techniques that will enable you to create beautiful, illustrative

drawings, including:

the elements, landscapes, plants, animals, humans, as well

as fairy tale & fable illustrations & more. 

PLUS, there is also a full gallery of many drawings to use as a reference.

 Have fun mastering this art, then teach it to others.  


coloring with block crayons video stream

coloring with block crayons book


with Block Crayons

Now you can easily learn to work with block crayons & how to teach the techniques as well.  

The book & streaming offer practical & fun step-by-

step instructionsColoring with Block Crayons emphasizes the techniques of block crayon drawing  with the primary colors.


​In a large, spiral bound format, with many full

color & black & white illustrations.

It is an easy-to-follow guide for the teacher to learn & to teach. How to use block crayons, how to work with the primary colors, a "Vocabulary of Expression" , how to

create luminous, illustrative drawings​ & much, much more