Now you can easily learn to work with block crayons & how to teach the techniques as well.  

The book, DVD set & streaming offer practical & fun step-by-

step instructionsColoring with Block Crayons emphasizes the techniques of block crayon drawing  with the primary colors.

teaching with the fables

  • Extend a fable into a full engaging story.
  • Illustrate a fable with crayons & water colors.
  • Write a poem about the fable or its characters.
  • ​Create a play or puppet show about the fable.
  • Sculpt the characters with wax or clay.
  • Create a natural science lesson around a fable.

Teaching with the Fables brings you everything you need to share the beauty & joy of the

fables with your 2nd graders.

Teaching with the Fables

Teach the fable as: an extended tale, a poem, an illustration, 
a play, a puppet show & a natural science lesson.

The 3 extended Aesop fables in this book include:
                            ·     The Lion & the Mouse
                            · The Bear & the Bees
                            · The Crow & the Pitcher

With these you will find poems of the fables, illustration  & 
many suggestions for additional lesson work.

This book is also considered a very accessible guide to the 
basics of presenting a Waldorf Curriculum.

use a holistic approach