By Teaching Wonderment we ... 

  •    Captivate the child's mind
  •     Engage the child's heart,
  •     Enliven the child's spirit and
  •     Kindle the child's imagination


What  is   wonderment ?

​​Often in teaching our children, we forget how important the sense of wonder & discovery is.

Teach Wonderment offers a collection of books & materials that support a holistic approach

to awaken the experience of wonderment

It is Amazement, Awe & Curiosity

  • Amazement  fascinates the child, 
  • Awe opens the child &
  • Curiosity draws the child further into an ever entrancing world

Wonderment is the first step to learning. Wonder-filled experiences inspire creative thinking, enhance the child’s senses & so heighten the child’s ability to learn about the world from different perspectives.

The Wonder-filled child, when young, is enthralled by the world. And as they develop their wonder allows them to meet the world with curiosity, rather than with mind closing assumptions. “Ah!” grows into “Why?” Horizons become broadened, perception heightened & discernment focused. Those strengths will ultimately serve the child throughout their life and work.