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We are happy to offer you two special books about gnomes.

One of these books has already become something of a childhood classic.

These books will delight & teach your little ones. And introduce them to a fantasy world they can dream in.

Fiction for you adults

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Teach Wonderment Books open the world of wonder.

The child experiences the world through wonderment, with amazement, awe & curiosity.  

Wonder-filled education inspires creative thinking, engages the heart & enlivens the spirit.

Teach Wonderment gnome story books

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"Wonder is the beginning of wisdom" Socrates

Teach Wonderment Waldorf children's  & education books


Finally,  a book just for you adults, to transport you to a world of Wonderment.

Travel across a fabled Ireland of the 1800's, read of people of the earth, a nation of dreamers; fierce and noble people from a mystic land of salt and peat and honey..  

We offer the full spectrum of books: including coloring with block crayons, to teaching the fables with a holistic approach, to delighting the imagination with gentle gnome stories, & now a sweet 1st Grade play.  Other wonderful products are also available.



 teachING  wonderment